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The best solutions in the field of milling

40 years we constantly create and produce the high-efficiency tool for milling in Russia, now for all branches of metal working.

Фрезы для авиационных материалов

Milling Tools for aerospace industry

More than 50 % of all tool made by the SKIF-M make mills for aerospace materials. Created as a result of own scientific researches executed in commonwealth with the leading scientific organisations of Russia, a mill for high-efficiency machining of titanium and heat resisting nickel alloys, as well as mills for high-speed machining of aluminium alloys occupy in the lead position in the world. Created in laboratory of plasma of the SKIF-M enterprise special coating of body of the mills, having low factor of a friction, considerably raises reliability of process of milling of difficult details of aerospace industry. 
  For draught machining of peripheral surfaces of aviation details from titanium alloys of type of rails, levers, arms and machining of internal surfaces of pockets by the SKIF-M enterprise the special program of trailer long edge milling tools in diameter from 25 to 80 mm, equipped with indexable high-precision inserts with standard radiuses 0,8мм, 3мм and 4 mm is created. The cutting part of these mills is executed in the form of a screw surface with an angle of lead about 45 degrees. Internal channels for giving of a cooling liquid guarantee effective heat removal and removal of a shaving from a cutting zone. The special arrangement replaceable inserts on a cutting part of mills provides the minimum fluctuations of forces of cutting at processing of preparations with a variable allowance, characteristic for details of the flying machines received also by a method of punching.
  New mills can be used equally effectively as on modern high-efficiency machine tools of the increased capacity, and on the traditional machine tools of type FP17 till now widely used at domestic factories, letting out flying machines and accessories to them. 
  High efficiency of the SKIF-M tool at milling a hard materials is provided not only thanks to specially created geometry of a cutting part of the tool and its optimum design, but also and thanks to nanocomposit coverings cutting inserts, carried out in Belgorod on unique technology. 
The program includes 638 standard sizes of face, trailer and long edge mills in diameter from 16 to 160 mm with indexable inserts. 
Торцовые фрезы

Face mills

Area of face mills the SKIF-M covers a wide spectrum of mills for use on the machining centres and automatic transfer lines, the universal equipment. Mills are made in a range of diameters from 32 mm to 500 mm. The program contains various face mills with direct fastening of inserts on the case and face mills of cassette execution. Blocks a range from thin fair before heavy draught cutting. In most cases the SKIF-M uses a principle of fastening of cutting inserts through an aperture that guarantees free space for shaving placing, application of inserts with the increased forward corners, effective machining of a wide spectrum of materials, including high-strength and stainless steels, aluminium, titanium and nickel alloys.

Face mills (2.38 Mb )

Face mills (RUS) (2.49 Mb )



In addition to the program of drills for high-efficiency machining of high-strength titanium alloys on the SKIF-M produces in lots new drills DT190-SO of universal application of four series, the drillings intended accordingly for depths 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D. New drills with replaceable cutting inserts of type SO provide high-efficiency drilling of apertures in details from a wide spectrum of metals and alloys except the titan for whom drills of a special purpose of system SO09 are intended. A standard number of diameters of new drills blocks a range from 21 to 54мм with step 1мм. As well as cases of all mills the SKIF-M with replaceable cutting inserts of the small and average sizes (till the diameter 160мм) all cases of new drills have a special covering of high hardness with the lowered factor of a friction that provides unobstructed evacuation of a shaving from a machining aperture and the improved quality of the machining surface. 

Drills (409 Kb )

Drills (RUS) (510 Kb )

Оправки для закрепления фрез

Tool holder for mills

Productivity and quality of processing at use of the modern cutting tool, and also its firmness, substantially depend on quality of the applied auxiliary tool. We were convinced of it on the manufacture, have created own program of the high-precision auxiliary tool and have mastered its release. Now and mills and tool holders to them it is possible to receive from one hands. Acting together as elements of one system, our high-efficiency mills both high-quality tool holders and cartridges to them help to lift manufacture and quality of products on unknown height. Substantial growth of a resource of the modern machine tools having frequency of rotation of a spindle over 10 000 rpm(rev/min), both improvement of quality and a resource of processed details guarantee new tool holders the manufactures the SKIF-M equipped with system of balancing. The wide program balanced tool holder with shafts 7/24 DIN 69871 №40, HSK 63A and HSK100А is issued at factory the SKIF-M on a class of disbalance G2.5.e.

Tool holder for mills (1.64 Mb )

Tool holder for mills (RUS) (1.66 Mb )

Сменные режущие пластины

Indexable inserts

The replaceable cutting inserts released by SKIF-M are made with use of the advanced equipment of known European manufacturers. Wear proof coating are rendered on inserts on the unique installations PVD of the scientists developed with participation the SKIF-M which were at the beginnings of creation of a way PVD in the world. Special characteristics inserts the SKIF-M with a superfirm carbon coating possess. The majority cutting a inserts the SKIF-M are issued with an aperture. The considerable nomenclature has specially created for concrete areas of machining and groups of materials the form of the forward surface providing high power characteristics at milling. Recently the program high-efficiency carbide inserts the SKIF-M is added by two marks of alloys with the new coating, developed in laboratory of plasma the SKIF-M. Mark of a firm alloy SKIF-M HCP35U with coating AlTiN with a silicon matrix considerably raises firmness at milling became various marks. New updating of an alloy SKIF-M HCS35 with nano-coating hardness 100 GPa opens new possibilities in the field of high-efficiency milling of titanium and nickel alloys. Speed of cutting at draught milling of titanium alloys by firm alloy HCS35 with a new coating lies in area from 35 m/mines (ВТ22, Ti to 70 m/mines (ВТ6 and Ti6Al4V) at givings from 0,1 to 0,14 mm/tooth.

Indexable inserts (1.31 Mb )

Indexable inserts (RUS) (1.35 Mb )

Монолитные твердосплавные фрезы

Carbide endmills

Under the insistent requirement of Customers from the aerospace industry in addition to wide scale of mills with replaceable cutting inserts "SKIF-M" has mastered own program endmills of monolith execution. The standard program includes mills in diameter from 6 to 20 mm of the normal execution, the extended mills with the truncated cutting part and mills with the extended cutting part. Mills are issued with radiuses from 1 to 4 mm, together with spherical execution and are intended for high-efficiency machining of aluminium and titanium alloys. The special wearproof coating of monolith mills patented the SKIF-M guarantee high efficiency of machining and exclusively high quality of the machining surface at machining of materials of aerospace appointment.

Carbide endmills (1.42 Mb )

Carbide endmills (RUS) (1.52 Mb )

Концевые и торцово-цилиндрические фрезы

Terminal and end-cylindrical milling

High-performance program «SKIF-M» in-machined cylindrical and end mills is created on the basis of deep research in the field of applied mechanics system cutters with special properties, providing in most cases, soft cut and good struzhkootvod. The standard includes a number of diameters range from 6 mm to 50 mm for end mills and from 16 mm to 125 mm for cylindrical machined-cutters. The program includes mills in various designs, including those with internal channels for coolant. There cutter with a cone (cone Morse and 7 / 24) and cylindrical (smooth and systems Weldon) shanks. The use of standard interchangeable inserts ensures the independence of the customer in selecting plates with the desired cutting characteristics of a large number of manufacturers of tungsten carbide.

Terminal and end-cylindrical milling (1.68 Mb )

Terminal and end-cylindrical milling (RUS) (1.70 Mb )

 Дисковые фрезы

Disc Cutters

Disc three and two-sided cutters «SKIF-M» has a leading position in the world among the cutters of a similar purpose. Have a system of infinitely variable control within the width of 3 mm. Reconfiguring the tripartite cutters on two-way and back by simply replacing the cartridges. Optimal shape of particle grooving cutters as normal and with fine pitch allows you to mill deep notches (depth to the hub) for a single pass. Of particular importance are the cutter with fine pitch, the number of teeth of which 20 — 40% greater than the number of teeth of any known in the world of design disc cutters with mechanical fastening plates and is nearing the maximum number of teeth similar napaynymi cutters with carbide blades. Designed to address the problems of processing of high-strength aerospace materials cutters have a minimum number of parts in the mechanism of fixing plates and high reliability that allows them to effectively use a «deserted technology.

Circular sawing mills "SKIF-M" are available in diameters ranging from 100 to 1010 mm in width from 4 to 12 mm. They have designed high rigidity with tangential mounting polyhedral cutting blades.

Disc Cutters (1.16 Mb )

Disc Cutters (RUS) (1.22 Mb )

Специальные фрезы

Special mills

Special place among mills of special purpose “SKIF-M” borrow large-sized mills for milling a cranked shaft of engines, rotors, turbines and ship mechanisms. Mills are made by diameter up to 1000 mm. Unique technology manufactures of these mills is based on long-term experience of German firm Heinlein, one of leading world manufacturers of the similar tool. Special large-sized mills for cranked shaft have two base stiles: cartridge stile with screw-on inserts and wedge style. Except of it the “SKIF-M” makes special mills for the automobile and aviation industry, a mill for machining rail transitions. Designs of mills are based on use of standard elements of mills "SKIF - M" from the general catalogue and make about 50 % from total amount of release.

Special mills (313 Kb )

Special mills (RUS) (379 Kb )