Обработка титана и алюминия в аэрокосмической промышленности — Skif-M
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40 years we constantly create and produce the high-efficiency tool for milling in Russia, now for all branches of metal working.



Machining of the titan and aluminium in the aerospace industry

21-22 November the SKIF-M have organised the international scientifically-practical conference "Machining of the titan and aluminium in the aerospace industry". In conference have taken part more than 80 delegates representing 40 leading enterprises In the second part of conference on November, 21st, 2013 the SKIF-M from Belgorod on the newest equipment of the Russian manufacture in the test centre the SKIF-M is shown by a mill a world record on productivity at milling of high-strength titan alloy Ti555.3 - 500 sm3/minutes, exceeded the previous published achievement on 20 %





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