Механическая обработка рельсов и деталей железнодорожного подвижного состава после ремонта — Skif-M
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Machining of rails and rolling stock parts after repair.

As you know, tread rails railway in operation is not only uneven wear, but also deformed. In world practice of rail services for a long time used the restoration of the rolling surface starogodnih rails machined in stationary conditions after using a grinding or milling-grinding trains. In steady-state conditions in the recovery of the rolling surface of rail milling in Western Europe, have been used as face milling (machine company Geismar, France), and cylindrical milling (lathes company Linsinger, Austria). Cylindrical milling of the profile rail head disk routers appeared later (Linsinger company has created and put into operation its first machine with a disc harrow (Picture 1 and 2) in 1999, but was more effective. According to the company's cost of processing Linsinger rails on the stationary machine SKF02 (Pic. 1) in Western Europe, including the cost of equipment, personnel, tools and consumables, sotavlyaet about 1 Euro per square meter.

im 1.JPGPic.1 Fixed machine for profiling rail firm Linsinger (Austria)

im 2.JPG

Pic.2 The process of disk milling, implemented by Linsinger in 1999

In December 2000 the CPR-20 in Syzran was commissioned in the first Russian special milling machine RFS6992 developed in the ICC Complex Center in Ulyanovsk, using the same machine Linsinger principle profiling rails disc profile cutters. Currently, these machines are equipped with most of the CPR MPS RF.

One of the problems constraining productivity milling with a cylindrical rolling surface of the rails is an increased level of vibration caused by high hardness and heterogeneity of the treated surface starogodnih rails. Vibration reducing resource unique machines, having a negative impact on staff.

A thorough analysis of milling process, a study of instantaneous components of cutting forces, an analysis of advanced foreign experience. On the basis of investigations carried out at the SKIF M created new profile cutters (Pic. 4), minimizing the forced oscillations due to the cutting process. New design of disc cutter diameter of 560 mm wafers with the location, based on the principle of dynamic energy dissipation of mechanical vibrations, reduces dynamic loads on the workpiece, machine parts and mechanisms, reduction of wear involved in the process.

im 3.JPG

Pic.3, the new special disk Spindel SKIF-M 560 mm in diameter. milling surface riding the rails

In addition to a set of cutters for the processing of the coupling after the restoration of worn surfaces by welding, railwaymen to win popularity among Russia, SKIF-M, a new set of special high-performance mills for processing bogie beam (Pic. 1). Can be integrated with high-quality carbide-tipped saw blades positive geometry with modern special wear-resistant coating mills SKIF-M provides a significant performance improvement compared with previously used cutters to reface plates. The exception is harmful to health staff sharpening operation, high reliability design and usability mills make to the IPU repair service elements of a new culture of production, production buduschego.K dignity of the new kit should include the legacy of the SKIF-M used in special constructions milling inserts the minimum standard nomenclature that significantly reduces operating costs.

im 4.JPG
Pic.4 Special routers SKIF-M for milling bogie beam after the restoration of worn surfaces by welding

Manufactured from high quality alloy steels, using modern technology based on application of CAD / CAM systems and advanced machining centers, the unique chemical and heat treatment, a special cutting tool SKIF-M has high reliability and durability, ensures maximum utilization of the positive properties of new tool materials and coatings and increase their durability, increased resource cutting equipment. Standard and special cutters "SKIF-M, including the processing of products of the railway nomenclature, delivered not only on the enterprises of Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine, but also in Germany, Spain, USA and Australia.

Evidence of high quality and reliability of cutters with mechanical fastening indexable plates issued now SKIF-M is a certificate of conformity of these products to GOST R 51140 Safety (ROSS RU.AYA04.V10106) are mandatory requirements of the Russian system of standardization, which is especially important when operating cutters in the processing of highly responsible components, which include products of the railway nomenclature.

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