О компании — Skif-M
The best solutions in the field of milling

40 years we constantly create and produce the high-efficiency tool for milling in Russia, now for all branches of metal working.


  Enterprise «SKIF-M» is created in 1993 from scientific laboratory and a site of special designs of the Belgorod factory of the mills solving a tasks on machining of products of aerospace techniques since 1978. «SKIF-M» is specialized on release of mills with indexable inserts from a hard alloy and removed hard alloyed inserts for milling. All designs of the released tool are created in own design office. The wide program of modern high-quality mills with removed cutting inserts from the hard alloy, released now by the enterprise of «SKIF-M» represents results own more than twenty years’ researches in the field of applied mechanics and machining of materials by cutting. Modern high efficiency the manufacture based on use of solid-state modeling, system CAD/CAM and the five-axis machining centers connected in a network from the COMPUTER, provides manufacturing in short terms not only serial, but also the special mills delivered as on export, including to Germany and the USA. About 50% of the production program occupy of special mills, including for the automobile and aviation industry. The standard program of mills covers a range of diameters from 6 up to 1000mm.

  The bureau of engineering support of the customer of the company «SKIF-M» develops technique processes high-efficiency machining details of the customer by mills «SKIF-M» and CNC programs of machine tools with development of programs and manufacturing of the first detail. The development of programs as well as tests of new development, is carried out in test center «SKIF-M» at the modern machining center. «SKIF-M» is the winner of the national premium in the field of enterprise activity «Gold Mercury» 2006 in a nomination «The Best Company the exporter in the field of the international innovative cooperation»